Murtle the Turtle

Hi! My name is Murtle the Turtle, the mascot for Splash World Southport.


I live at Splash World and like to play in the pool, in the sand dunes in Southport and have fun with the staff at Splash World Southport. I get out and about now an again and can often be seen at the other Active Sefton leisure centres in Sefton and the odd event.



I am not sure what kind of turtle I am, there aren’t many walking, talking turtles around these days! I do know that turtles are endangered in the wild though and so I do try to help raise awareness.


Did you know that you can view the Caribbean Conservation Corporation website who look at helping turtles? They have lots of information on ways that you can help including:


Sea Turtle Events Calendar

New Project Events

Research Opportunities

Cool Sea Turtle stuff including games!


Thanks for visiting my page, I look forward to seeing you at Dunes Splash World soon!



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